“Let the city be your haven, the store your security, the bank your protection, the guilds your ways, the morgue your commitment to life, the oracle your link to the uncertain, and the Tavern your place of diversity.” - “Crashland”, Master of the Guilds
The City

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Town Hall
Dungeon Entrance
The Morgue
 City Square
The city is the only available ‘safe hold’ for the adventurers who have been called to explore the depths below.  Here, one can prepare for adventuring by joining and training with available guilds, and purchasing weapons, armor and companions. 

Other services include banking and the magical abilities of the Oracle (also known as the Seer), or visit the billboard just outside the dungeon to read or collect bounties. 

Familiarize yourself with the city.  It is your haven. 

To select a city option, click on one of the icons at the bottom of the city view.  Holding the mouse over an icon will bring up a text identifier telling you where it will take you.  To scroll the city window, click on the arrows in the top corners, or use the left and right arrows on your keyboard. 

You can also use hotkeys to activate portions of the city: 
H - Lord Gherrick     D - Dungeon     N - Billboard     M - Morgue     C - Confinement     G - Guilds     B - Bank     F - Fountain     S - General Store     O - Oracle     T - Tavern     X - Exit 

NOTE: You can deposit all gold on your character(s) by holding down SHIFT and clicking on the bank button! 

Resting & Healing 
Although your hits and spell points will not be healed, all other types of inflictions (poison, disease, etc.) are taken care of when a character returns to the city.  The Clerics will also heal any companions that may be with a character.  Your hit points and spell points will be fully restored if you make a level in a guild or visit the Fountain (for a fee), but if you don’t, they will automatically be restored upon entering the dungeon with the penalty of aging (spell points will be refilled at a cheaper rate). 

Any magical spells (e.g. resistance spells) that were cast on a character in the dungeon will be removed when the character enters the city.  Modifiers (resistances, etc.) that come from items or skills will not be removed. 

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