The Billboard

The Billboard is where the town meets to post news, bounties, and communicate (for Multiplayer).  In single-player mode, the Billboard serves as a news center, announcing all of the important events that have taken place, and also displays bounties that town members have posted.

If itís important, it will be found here.  To follow the latest storyline events, or even unrelated events, be sure to check the news section of the billboard!

Want to make some extra cash?  Looking for a specific item or monster?  Aside from the Dungeon, the Billboard is the next best place to make this happen.  Here you will find posts from other town members (in SP mode) looking for items and monsters.  In return they will offer Gold, Items, and Monsters.  Quite often, you will find bounties offering unique and rare items as reward, which can end up being a steal depending on how hard it is to complete the bounty.

Multiplayer Billboard Features 
The billboard is an excellent place for communicating with other players in multiplayer mode.  Here, you can post your own personal bounties, read the news of the server, and send messages to other players! 

Posting & Replying to Bounties 
Are you quested for an item you canít find?  Looking for a weapon that makes you a better fighter?  Armor?  Thereís a good chance that other players might have what youíre seeking.  For this reason, players are able to post a bounty on the server.  This allows other players to reply to a posted bounty with a message, perhaps their EMail address, or the next time they will be on the server so an exchange can be arranged.

Sending Messages to other Players 
You also have the ability to send messages to other players who have been on the server.  When you send another player a message, the next time they log into the server and check the billboard, they will be told they have personal messages waiting – which they can read, even reply to.

Remember when youíre posting a message that you must know both the USER name and the CHARACTER name.  This is very important – if you donít know both the user and character name, you cannot send them a messages.  To obtain the user and character name, use the Ďserver user listí feature, which is activated by right-clicking on the area/user list button! 

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