The Morgue

At the Morgue, you may raise characters or companions from the dead.  A fairly large sum of money is often required for any type of work.  The advantage to using the morgue is that the workers are very efficient (increasing the % of a successful raise) and convenient.  However, the main disadvantage is the fact that one point of constitution is quite often removed from the character being raised. 
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The Morgue
Keep in mind that one can also raise characters and companions with spells!  If you wish to use spells to raise a character who is already in the morgue, use the “Grab Body” button.  For more information, see the section on Dying

The only type of death the morgue cannot deal with is a character who has been fused with Rock. 

In the morgue, you also have the option of hiring “Rescuers” to go down and try to bring up a dead character.  Their success depends on how deep the rescuers must go and the given coordinates of the dead character.  Also, a large sum of money is always involved whether or not the rescuers succeed. 

To execute an option, click on the appropriate icon and follow the given directions.

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