The Bank

The Bank of Dejenol is where you may put the gold and items that you do not wish to use (or possibly have stolen) while in the dungeon.  When spending money in the city, gold will be taken from your character and/or your bank account. 
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The Bank
NOTE: You can deposit all gold on your character(s) from the main city graphic by holding down SHIFT and clicking on the bank! 

To Deposit press the Put button or Withdraw money from the Get Button, type in the amount and press Enter. 

You can also deposit up to 40 items in the Bank by  Dragging and Dropping the selected item from your character’s Items Window into the Items list.  To withdraw an item, simply select the item in the Bank Window’s Items list and drag it to your character’s inventory and drop it in the preferred slot.  You can obtain information on any item in the Bank by right-clicking on the item. 

Party Options (Single Player Mode) 
If you currently have a party put together (in single player mode), you will also be presented with a small set of Party Options, which includes Pool & Deposit, Party Deposit and Party Pool & Deposit.  Pool & Deposit means that all characters in the party give the gold they are currently carrying to the current character in the bank, and then the current character deposits the pooled money.  Party Deposit means that each character in the party Deposits all of their money into their own bank account.  Party Pool & Deposit means that all characters in the party give all of their money (includes that in the bank) to the current character to deposit.

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