The Store

The Store is the largest service available in the city.  It is where a character can buy, sell, identify, realign, combine, and uncurse items. 
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The Store

Store Inventory 
On the right is the Store Inventory. The top row shows the classes of items available. Use the arrows to the right of this row to view all the classes (double-clicking on an arrow will take you to the first/last item class). Below are shown the available item types in the currently selected class. If you move your mouse over the item icons, the name of the item type and the number available of each alignment will be shown in the bottom area of the inventory (e.g. “Iron Sword 1(g)1(e)” means one good and one evil Iron Sword available (u is for unaligned)).  To select an item, simply click on it (and select the alignment if prompted).  For information on an item, click Info.  To buy it, click Buy.  To search for an item, simply click on Search and type in part of or the whole name of the item you are looking for and hit return. 

When you sell an item to the store, it will be added to the store inventory and available for purchase by others.  However, other adventurers and explorers (also in single-player mode; the Morgue rescuers need items, too!) may sometimes buy items from the store as well.  This can be a disadvantage if the item they purchase is the last of its type in stock – especially if it’s an item that your characters can use.  The advantage to this is that these individuals also sell the items they find on their explorations to the store.  Because of this, it’s recommended that one checks the store for any new inventory every once in a while – you never know what you’ll find! 

Available options within the Store: 

Buying Items 
You can make a purchase by clicking on the desired item in the inventory (and selecting the alignment if prompted) and then pressing the Buy button. 

You should buy and equip your character with a weapon and whatever protection (armor, cloak) you can afford and use from the store.  Standard attire for a beginning Artisan is a Sword, Armor, Gloves, Boots, Cloak, Shield and Cap and are provided when you create your character. 

Selling Items 
You can Sell items you have in your possession by selecting them and clicking the Sell button.  

Any item you sell to the store will be available for purchase, but usually at a much higher price than you sold it for.  Sometimes, when you sell an item with ‘charges’ (e.g. Potion of Healing [2]), the item won’t appear in the store.  This is because the item had too few available charges to put it back on the shelf.  Also, when you sell an item that has many charges (e.g. Potion of Health [23]), you will notice a “23->20” next to the sell value.  This means the store will buy charges from you in ‘chunks’ of three (for the above example) for the specified price.  When you sell a chunk, one of that item type then becomes available for purchase in the store. 

If an item in your possession is known to be cursed, the store will typically show the value of the item to be 0. You can "sell" such items to the store to have them removed from your inventory, but you won't be given any gold and the items will not be added to the store's inventory. Other than uncursing for a fee (discussed below), the store just doesn't deal in cursed items.

Learning about an item 
To learn about an item in your possession, simply select the item and click on the ID button. This will increase your current knowledge of the item, which initially is based on your character’s Intelligence, Wisdom and Guild Level (for items you find in the dungeon).  You will be able to identify some items when you find them, but most others will require a fee to learn more. 

When you bring up the information on an item in the Misc. Info Pane, the stats displayed will depend on your current knowledge of the item.  For a complete overview of the Item Information Pane, please see the Game Screen section. 

Allows you to combine items that have charges.  For example, you can combine two (or more) Potions of Health into one Potion of Health with the sum of the charges on the different potions.  To combine items, simply select the first item, click combine, and then the second item and click combine twice.  If the items are of like type (e.g. 2 Potions of Health) and can be combined, the first item you selected will now hold the sum of both (all) the items’ charges!  Items like Swords, Armor, etc. cannot be combined.  Only fully identified items can be combined, and aligned items must be of the same alignment. 

Uncurse an item 
This enables you to unequip a cursed item, which usually requires a substantial fee.  A ‘cursed’ item is either an item that is of opposite alignment to your character (e.g. Iron Sword (e) equipped by a Good character), or an item that’s outright cursed (e.g. Gloves of the Blackguard). 

Realign an item 
This allows you to change the alignment of certain items.  It provides an alternative to trading with other characters, but can be expensive.  To realign an item, simply select the item and click one of the three Good/Neutral/Evil buttons (only the two remaining buttons will be visible). 

Recharging Items 
You can recharge items that cast spells (e.g. Swords, Artifacts) by selling them to the store and buying them back (the recharging fee being the difference in selling vs. buying price).  You cannot recharge items such as Potions, Scrolls, etc.  This means if you sell a Potion of Healing [1] to the store (where it normally comes with 3 charges), it will not appear in the store inventory because there wasn’t enough left of the potion to create a whole one.  However, if you sell items such as Swords & Artifacts with [0] charges, they will be completely recharged and available for repurchasing. 

As with all options in the city, gold will be removed from your bank account if you do not have enough on your character’s person, but do in your account. 

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