The Oracle (Seer)

The Oracle of Dejenol has the ability to locate other characters, monsters and items that are in the depths of the dungeon, and can also cast a range of helpful spells on your character. 
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The Oracle can cast Resistance and other spells (for a fee) on you before you enter the dungeon. This is useful when your character does not yet know any spells or the guilds that you choose do not learn those spells.

Character searches are easiest for the Oracle because he knows what types of energy to look for, often allowing him to tell you exactly where they are.  If a character is close, the Oracle usually has no problems;  however, when the character is deep in the dungeon, sometimes it takes the Oracle many tries and lots of gold before he can get an exact fix on the character. 

The next most useful ability of the Oracle is that of locating Monsters and Items.  This information is very useful to characters with a quest they must fulfill to advance in their guild. When the Oracle is looking for a monster or item, he needs to know what it is called. Once given the proper name, he can often locate a general area of the dungeon where a creature may reside, or a general creature type that may carry the item of the quest. 

Even though the Oracle doesn’t charge nearly as much as the Morgue Rescuers do, the total cost can add up when attempting to locate a character, monster, or item deep in the dungeon. 

To execute an option, click on the appropriate button and follow the given directions. 

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