The Confinement

The Confinement store is where all of the creatures that explorers befriend or bind end up if one grows weary of their companion or becomes short of cash.  It’s said that an experienced Magi can actually make a good living by charming & binding monsters in the depths and selling them to the Confinement. 
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The Confinement Store

The three numbers to the right of each monster name represent the number of the specified creature that are available for each alignment (in order Good, Neutral, Evil). To select a future companion, simply click on it (and select the alignment if prompted).  For information on a creature, click Info.  To buy them, click Buy.  To search for a creature, click on Search and simply type in part of or the whole name of the creature you are looking for and hit return. 

To Sell or Identify a companion, select the companion picture from your Companions section (lower left corner) and click on the buttons in the Confinement. 

Confinement Inventory 
Selling a companion to the Confinement store is the only way to get rid of hostile (or bound) companions without taking the chance of them turning on you and attacking.  When you sell a companion to the store, it will be added to the inventory list and available for purchase by others.  However, just as for the General Store, other adventurers and explorers sometimes seek companions from holding as well.  This can be a disadvantage if the creature they purchase is the last of its type in stock – especially if it’s a very useful companion!  The advantage to this is that these individuals may sell the creatures they either bind or befriend on their explorations to the holding center as well.  Because of this, it’s recommended that you check the Confinement for any new inventory every once in a while – you never know what you’ll find! 

Available options within the Confinement store: 

Buying Companions 
You can make a purchase by clicking on the desired creature in the list of available companions (and selecting the alignment if prompted) and then pressing the “Buy” button.  When a companion is bought, it will be bound to a certain level, but depending on the power (guild levels) of the character, further binding may be required.  Buying companions can be very advantageous for starting characters, because it quite often gives the nasty monsters in the dungeon another target to hit. 

Selling Companions 
You can sell companions you have in your possession by clicking the desired companion picture, then clicking the “Sell” button.  Any companion you sell to the holding center will become available for purchase, but usually at a much higher price than you sold it for. 

Learning about a Companion 
To learn about a companion and its abilities, select the companion and click on the “Info” button. This gives you different information depending upon your current knowledge of the creature, which initially is based on your character’s Intelligence, Wisdom and Guild Level.  You will be able to identify some creatures when you encounter them, but most others will usually require the use of the Confinement store’s identification services to obtain all information:  Clicking the “ID” button will increase your knowledge of the companion, for a fee. 

Bind a Companion 
Once a character has purchased a companion or has charmed/bound them in the dungeon, it becomes necessary either sooner or later to reinforce the “Bind Level” of the companion.  A Magi has access to specific spells that are made for this, but other characters are not so fortunate (unless they find items capable of this).  For this reason, the Confinement store offers the services of their bindsmen (click on the “Bind” button), who have the ability to re-bind a companion so that they do not break away from their masters (or at least make it harder). 

Though very useful, re-binding a companion can quite often be very costly, but can be worth it if the companion is helpful enough to the character. 

Companions that joined a character free of will cannot be re-bound in the ordinary manner, but the Confinement is able to “convert” them. This is very expensive, and the Bind Level of the companion will often be LESS than the Content Level was before it was converted (but you can then strengthen the bond for the normal cost)!

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