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Why Demise?

Many people have asked "Why play DEMISE?" especially with the number of MMOGs and other RPGs available on the market. We could tell you all day why we think DEMISE is a great game, but instead of doing that, we'd prefer for the players to express their own feelings on the game. Check out what they have to say!

"Building my characters is by the far the best aspect of this game. There are a myriad of configurations, so that like most of the old timers say, the game is never finished."

- Textile18

"For me, hands down it's the RPG system. The multiclassing, insane number of levels, non and class restrictions on items, etc. Just the thought of being able to take a character to level 999 in each guild is just awesome.

Yes it's just a simple dungeon crawl, but there's so much complexity hiding just beneath the surface. Basically, it took all the things I loved about Bard's Tale, Wizardry, the early Ultimas, etc and amplified it.

Oh, also the fact that after playing off and on for 3 years I still havn't come anywhere close to "beating" it. It just doesn't seem to have an end."

- Retina


"Definitely this is the major issue for me and why I always end up playing it again. Mainly trying to get my character to level 999 in at least one guild. But when that is complete there is always the next guild to move on to."

- Redwolf

"...I also like Demise because of the ability to gain high levels and create a very powerful character. At least that is how I started. After playing solo for so long, I discovered MP. I wasn't online for 2 minutes and another player was helping me out with a few Crystals of healing and friendly advice. The live conversation and friendly help and the great many friendships that were made really shows the great nature of almost all the people that play Demise. With Mp I originally was student learning everything I could about the game. Then all of a sudden I was pushing and being pushed by my peers to explore new items, weapons and levels. After that new players would come around and we would all pitch in to help them get the full experience and enjoyment of the game. I have often sat and wondered what makes Demise so addictive. Why push further when there is no reason? What am I going to discover that I haven't already discovered? I think the main reason is that even though the dungeon is the same, the dungeon is so big that when you get tired of exploring the same area, you can always explore elsewhere. By the time you get tired of that area, you can explore another. By the time you have explored everything, the first area seems fun again. There are a lot of different monsters as well. A lot of different items. The ability to see how low you can get your spell points seems almost as important as how high you can get your guild level. The goal of killing the idle penalty permanently is every bit a challenge as well. If you get bored of one type of character, you start fresh by creating a completely different character and starting fresh. There are so many aspects to the game and so many different ways to explore, the possibilities seem endless. I can hardly wait to try the missing features in the new version. (I wouldn't mind seeing more levels added before work is started on Demise 2). Replayability is an understatement, to say the least. As far as I am concerned, games will come and games will go, but Demise will always have it's own partition on my harddrive."

- gtws

"I like the fact that no matter how long you play, you are never quite finished. Even after a hundred or so hours, there are many weapons for you to unlock, and levels left to explore. The dungeon is huge, the items are very numerous, and the character building is endless. If one of these could be built on for Demise 2.0, it would be the item system. Everyone knows what items are good for what levels, so maybe it should be switched around some way that would make it take more though and make it more unique."

- DudeItsMe

"The paradigm. I enjoy learning all the spells, traps, items, monsters, while being led on a power struggle. If the game had tradeskills of sorts to keep characters always useful, I would vote great instead of good. I might change the vote yet after playing the release."

- Eclipse

"...there are so many different things that you can try in this game. It almost always comes down to what can I try and aim for now. Also, the idea of fully exploring something that huge is great. Especially when even now, not all the secrets have been uncovered (like who can really claim to know every single spot in the dungeon that drains hp/mp from ya???!!!) Course, on the mp side, one cannot forget the sense of community that you get once you start talking to everyone, and helping one another out ( like being rescued from being rocked )."

- Hounder

"I think that the ability to create a true mushpot character is a key feature of Demise. Being able to create a mushpot doesn't make every character the same, it allows every character to be different. Do you start out building Warrior for fighting, Artisan for A/D, Explorer for movement, Sorcerer for blasting, Ninja for some extra swings, or Thief to disarm traps? Every one of these different choices has advantages and disadvantages and influences your ability to gain gold, items, and xp and how you play the game. If you neglect thieving, you don't get the relatively large XP payoffs from disarming traps, and you never will know what all those magically locked chests held. If you neglect your fighting abilities you will not be able to push down to lower dungeon levels as fast. And if you neglect spellcasting, you can often be left at the mercy of large swarms of creatures.

You get to make that decision over and over again, and your character becomes whatever you want him or her to be."

- tarajunky

"I love the idea that in MP, you can only go solo, it gives you a greater challenge since you get advantages from playing with other people. And IMHO, it makes the game [more fun]."

- Crusher

"Definitely the replayability. There's always something new to try and no two runs through the dungeon are ever the same. Character development is another huge draw for me."

- ProfEclipse

"I love finding new items, looking in the bank and seeing lots of gold, exploring deeper than I should and seeing cool new monsters... Seeing monster names I recognize from Mordor. I love being able to basically completely customize my character guild-wise. The concept of being able to have a warrior who can break open any traps and cast spells that kill every creature in the room is the epitome of RPG coolness."

- Shon-dahre