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DEMISE: Ascension

Decklin's Domain purchased the IP (Intellectual Property) of Mordor / Demise in an agreement with MakeItSo LLC ( owned by David Allen and his father, Larry Allen) in 2005 ... Decklin (The Twisted Dwarf) had been a player since the early 'pre-Demise' days of Mordor 2 some time in the last century.  "I liked it so much I bought the game!" ... but there's a lot more to it than that.

In the original release of Demise: Rise of the Ku'Tan another Seattle area company and individual - Marv Heston - played a significant part in getting the game available for release and he was essentially responsible for the boxed set Artifact Entertainment release we like to call now 'Vanilla Demise"

By 2005 Decklin's Domain had purchased the remaining stock of the boxed set and CDs - effectively saving those from being landfill - so with the rights to the IP it would be possible to move forward with the expansion "Ascension" that had been started by several enthusiastic players ... Hounder and Tiburon being two of significance.

Optimism is Decklin's strongest attribute however and the idea that Ascension could actually be released in 2006 swiftly evaporated in the reality of software bug-fixing and the intricacies of the editor and the challenges of dungeon design!  As we all know now ... it took more than five years to get Ascension available even in Open BETA.

The CAST of Thousands ( to be continued ... )




DEMISE: Rise of the Ku'Tan

The original credits from approximately 2003 (for the record):

The cast begins at the top: David Allen (aka Requnix) is the sole programmer of Demise (outside of the MDV engine). David is renowned for his subtle and laid-back manner and humor *cough*. Actually, David is very refreshing to talk to and deal with - he speaks his mind openly, and tells things as they are.

The wizard behind the MDV (graphics) engine used in Demise, and the only other true programmer on the Dev Team, is Sean Palmer. The story of how Sean was hired is interesting: after seeing Mordor 2 some time ago, he sent an email to David that included some, lets say "flowery euphemisms", regarding the quality of the graphics engine that David created *grin*. David challenged Sean to prove that he could do better, and that's exactly what Sean did!

Alex Leboucher and Clement Choblet are the two talented Digital Artists that work together to create the 3D objects and much of the art used in Demise (such as the Intro Screen, Main Menus, City graphics...). These guys are only 22 and 20 years old, and it seems like every day they are coming up with new stuff that's 10 times better than what they made previously! They reside in France, but that's the beauty of the internet - there are no boundaries!

Also across the "pond" (in the U.K.), Digital Artist Jason Hall is responsible for all the skins (the textures for the objects) used in the game, some of the intro art, and much of the promotional art (such as the infamous caricatures on the main web site.

When you curse the evil, sadistic S.O.B. that created the despicable Demise dungeon that is constantly killing you, that person is Mark Chambler! Along with building the data for the dungeon, Mark also works directly with Alex & Clement to create new objects, and also helps with the general game data.

Last, but certainly not least, Mark Strak (aka AStrange1) is in charge of creating the Demise helplesson. I think all the regular Demise players would agree Mark is the perfect person to handle this task. He is extremely visible on the message boards, always taking the time to help players with their questions and problems.