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Demise: Ascension Demo


The Demise: ASCENSION Silver Release November 6, 2015 is the complete game but will also run as a demo, and will allow you to play for 30 days or 60 sessions of play. It no longer expires and may be downloaded from here:
ASCENSION Silver Release and Demo.  Download the installer to your desktop and make sure you run it as administrator.  The installer will ask for a legacy DEMISE key (top box)
If you do not have a DEMISE legacy key, use NJH-9953489292-ZBFB.
Put your valid email address below (bottom box).   
When the game runs you will get the nag box briefly but after 5 seconds there's an [OK] button ... just click that and enjoy!

Purchase a license at any time (sent by email) by ordering DEMISE: Ascension.
Please visit the forums if you have questions, technical help is available there also or by email to:
support @ decklinsdemise dot com !!

Demise: Ascension Patches

The current build B721 update file sets (simple d/l and copy over) and the earlier Ascension Pre-Release patch for Ascension builds  prior to B631 (August 31, 2011 Build 626 to December 30, 2011 Build 631 ) are available only on the My Demise page.

Demise: Rise of the Ku'Tan Patches

Patches for the vanilla Gold Release ( Artifact Entertainment version ) to add the tearoom, are on the Decklin's Domain Archives Site

there is NO patch to convert the highest level  A-E version 1.00r3 Build 353 to the later legacy P-P version 1.03



Ascension ( the major Demise expansion from Decklin's Domain ) is now available in a fully functioning "Silver Release" phase and the 'Gold' release is scheduled for release in December 2016.  Ascension doubles the playable dungeon area and will include at least the following bug fixes and enhancements:


Large library file Items and Monsters not viewable - bug fixed
STOP Statement encountered during chat in DirectX full dungeon - bug fixed
Game crash OOM errors - fixed
Server enhancements

Multiplayer and Single Player:

Character item storage increased to 60 from 40
Total available cash and remaining slots left status display in Store, Confinement, Bank and Tavern
Fractional cash in Bank - bug fixed
Miscellaneous information panel displays more text, so less is 'missing' from larger descriptions

Over 300 minor bug and dungeon layout fixes plus game code changes - 600+ items and 600 monsters.
Ascension dungeon expansion to 90 x 90 x 35 from 45 x 45 x 32 PLUS 9 new Quests.


Updated August 27, 2016