“If an individual can be found in one piece and services can be paid, 
Death is only an inconvenience.” - "Marlow”, Local Morgue worker 


Isn’t half as serious as it sounds.  Since Magic is available in Ascension, so is life after death.  However, under most circumstances, it will cost a character.  The most common way of dying is in combat - either being outright torn to pieces or blown away by a spell.  If your character dies, you can either be raised by another character (who uses some sort of resurrection spell), carried to the morgue and raised, or wait for rescue.  Keep in mind, however, that being raised by the morgue will quite often cost 1 point of constitution and a good amount of money. 

Dealing with Death 
When characters die, they have the option of waiting for another character to come and get them, or wait for a rescue party to show up.  On the upper levels, waiting for a rescue party usually doesn’t take too long, but as you venture deeper into the dungeon, it’s better to rely on your other characters to help out (or, in Multiplayer mode, other players).  If you choose to wait for a rescue party (click on “Wait for Rescue”), scavenging monsters will steal all the gold from your character. 

The main disadvantage to waiting for rescuers is that your character will age in the process.  Sometimes just days, but on the lower levels, it can take MUCH longer (months, and even years)! 

Once a character is in the morgue, or has a form of resurrect cast on them by another character, they have the option of accepting the raise and living once again. 

When a raise fails on a character, they are usually laid back to rest as they were before the raise was initiated.  However, sometimes things get out of hand as one tries to lay the character back to rest, and much like an experiment gone wrong, the character is suddenly yanked back into the living with much of their life force drained away.  When this happens, it’s known as ‘complications’.  The chance of complications is based on the age of the character compared to the maximum age of the character’s race.  This means that a younger character has less chance of getting complications than an older character.  When complications occur, they can leave your character drained of life and stats, so be careful when accepting a raise – make sure the percentage of success is worth the risk. 

Rocked Characters 
Rocked characters are BAD news.  One can only rock characters by casting a movement spell (e.g. teleport, ethereal portal) that lands a character (or party) in solid rock.  Once a character has been embedded in solid rock, only the Retrieve Soul spell can grab them out of the rock.  After that, only the Resurrect spell can bring them back from the dead.  Unfortunately, Rocked characters will always have complications. 

Rocked characters are different from Stoned characters, which require the Stone to Flesh spell to be resurrected. 

Getting too old 
As your character gets near their maximum age, there is a slight chance that they may die of old age.  The only known way around old age is by magical items that are said to lower the actual age of a character. 

Getting gold or items from a dead character 
Unfortunately, there is no way to get gold or items from a dead character (after all, dead is dead).  The only access that one has to a dead character’s finances is through the bank account transfer option.

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