“The most powerful weapon of all is Knowledge.” - “Minsak”, Scribe for the Library
The Library

The Library is located in the Guild Hall and is where all of the information that the guilds collect from their explorers is located.  This includes information on both Items and Monsters. Whenever an explorer encounters a new item or monster, and can identify it enough to place it in the Library, it is automatically added for all others to see and use.  As a monster or item is identified more thoroughly by an explorer, the information in the library will be updated. 
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The Library

Besides the general item information that is obtainable either by examining an item in the store or in the Items Window (based on current knowledge), the Library also keeps track of how many times a specific item has been found, as well as where, when, and by whom it was most recently found. 

Monster information is a little different from item information.  Unlike items, which a character can get info on at any time, a character can only get monster information while in the dungeon when they have a companion.  However, in the library, general information on monsters can be found.  This can include everything from stats to special abilities.  It is also recorded where the last monster of a specific type was last seen, and how long ago. 

The only way to completely identify a monster is for a character to have it as a companion and either have the ID skill to learn all it can about the creature, or take it to the Confinement store for identification. 

Other Explorers 
You may quite often notice that item and monster entries appear in the library that you and your characters have not entered.  These entries are made by other explorers that have wandered into the depths and returned to report their findings (and quite often end up selling the items and companions that they may have come across during their exploration). 

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