“Communication is the link between light and darkness that allows the light to understand why the darkness is the way it is.” - “Mik'ulk”, Language Teacher of the Warlocks’ guild

For thousands of years, there have been a number of languages that the creatures of the lands have used to communicate with each other.  The sounds of these languages range from guttural grunts and snorts to the most elegant sounding words any being has ever heard.  There are a number of general languages in the realm that are spoken more than any other.  Some of these languages are harder to learn than others, and some are almost impossible to learn without the proper training. 

It is through the teachings of the guilds that one can learn the languages of the land.  Some guilds couldn’t care less about teaching their students how to speak Elvish or Necromic, while others pride themselves in it.  All guilds do teach language skills, but few really focus on advanced linguistics. 

Below is a list of the known languages of the land. 

This most basic of languages is a gutteral-sounding communication that is used by many underground creatures.  It is easy to read, easy to speak, and extremely easy to curse in. 

As step up from Goble, the Orcish language has more of a sentence structure to it, as well as more complicated words.  It is a step below the basic language that most bipedals use to speak. 

The first of the ancient and elegant languages, Elvish is rewarding both to speak and to hear.  Its smooth-flowing soft sounds allow complicated conversations and words to be understood very well.  Contrary to popular belief, the elves of the land are not taught Elvish as their primary, or even secondary language.  As with Dwarvish, one must seek special teachings to learn it! 

A more abrupt and harsh language than Elvish, the Dwarvish language is spoken by only a few who still remember the old days. 

The first language dedicated specifically to magic, the Necromic language was created hundreds of years ago by master sorcerers on the southernmost tip of the lands.  This language is hard to learn, but when known, allows magic-users to communicate with magic, and each other, with ease. 

Another ancient language from another time, La-sai is still spoken by a handful only because of the language’s dedication to sacrificial meanings and symbology.  Many of the small groups that use this language are involved with cult religions. 

The first of the dark languages, the mere name of Kruelk is shunned by most.  It is known to all as the language of the damned.  This is the language that is used by many of the underworld’s creatures, including devils, demons, and undead creatures.  A disgustingly guttural language, Kruelk is not for the weak at heart, and is only known by either the afore mentioned entities, or extremely educated linguists. 

Very little is known of this language other than it is very new, and spoken only by creatures found in the depths below. 

This language is the language of dragons.  It is considered by many to be one of the most complicated languages known to man (or any other creature for that matter).  While most can’t even pronounce the name of the language itself, only a few master linguists can fluently speak and understand this language – and it is rumored that dragons who meet these linguists have a high respect for them! 

It is said that other languages, even more ancient and complicated than Tu'gak, are taught by the masters of the land, but this has not yet been confirmed. 

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