Beginner Hints & Tips

Ascension is a very large game and things can quite often seem to be just a little overwhelming for beginners.  Here is a compilation of helpful hints and tips that may save a player the time and frustration of dying too many times. 

Creating a Character 
Be sure to read the Race Statistics and Guild Statistics sections before creating a character.  That way, you know what youíre dealing with.  For a first character, itís recommended that you make them strong and fast – not too stupid – and as ugly as possible.  Taking points from your Charisma and putting them into your others stats is recommended - unless you plan on being a Paladin or Magi.  Itís highly recommended that one keep their Int and Wis at least 10 so Tomes can be used if found (items that raise stats).  Remember - your first character is there to check things out, find items and build a foundation for the other characters to come. 

Starting Out 
As mentioned above, be sure to go over the Race Statistics and Guild Statistics before choosing which guild(s) you would like to join.  It is recommended that a character remains with the Artisansí guild until level 30 is reached.  This is because Artisans learn quickly and gain more hits per level than most guilds.  Besides that, they can use items earlier than any of the other guilds and are pretty good at collecting treasure.  Once level 30 is reached, you should have found many useful items that your character can use when acting under the chosen guild(s), and your character should then change to the next guild of choice.  It will now be easier for your character to survive because the A/D and maximum hits you built within the Artisansí guild will transfer with you.  You may also have noticed that some guilds require stats that are just too high for a beginning character to have.  The way to get into these guilds is to find items that increase your characterís stats permanently and use them (e.g. Tomes and Potions).  You can quite often find enough of these items while you are attempting to reach level 30 in the Artisansí guild. 

Multiple Guilds 
Itís good to have a character that is balanced (e.g. Join a guild with good Fighting Ability and one with good Spell Casting abilities).  It is often wise to keep the levels in these guilds balanced: having a level 100 Warrior and level 10 Sorcerer doesnít give the Warrior much in the way of spells.  However, be sure not to join too many guilds, since only one can be worked on at a time!  Also keep in mind that the more experienced a character is in multiple guilds, the more they will be penalized by new guilds for their already existing abilities! 

Auto Mapping  
This can be a lifesaver.  Always keep track of where you are.  If you get lost (from a random Teleporter, etc.), the AutoMapper will find you if you step back into known territory, or if your character figures out where they are (by using their perception skill). 

Also remember that the dungeons can sometimes be quite tricky.  Keep in mind that certain types of monsters will only appear in certain places and that some teleporters will always take you to the same location.  This can make traveling through the levels much easier and quicker.  When exploring new areas, it is highly recommended that a character is levitating - itís no fun stumbling across a chute that drops you down three levels.  Also, if a characterís guild has a high Perception ability, they can quite often identify what they are standing on, see secret doors, or realize if they hit a teleporter. 

Always try to have companions, but make sure you donít get monsters that you canít handle.  It is fairly easy for a Magi, but for all other guilds, items must be used (e.g. scrolls that charm).  Keep in mind that a group of monsters you are fighting will attack the closest target - hopefully one of your companions.  Spell casting and breathing companions (e.g. Magi and Dragons) are some of the most effective, since their abilities can affect the whole group of monsters you encounter.  Always keep a watch on a companionís Bind Level, for they can turn on and attack your character and the party!  Also keep in mind that companions can mistake other party members (and their companions) for the enemy in the heat of battle if thereís too many bodies in the party (total characters plus companions).  Itís only recommended that one keeps 2-4 companions for each character only if the party is 2 characters or less.  Itís no fun getting hit by another characterís companion that can stone! 

Wandering Around  
When you first start out, stay as close to the city as possible.  The further away you go, the nastier the monsters get and the longer it takes to get to the safety of the city. 
As a rule of thumb, always watch your hit points.  Some monsters will have the ability to Poison, Disease, Breathe, and even spit Acid on you.  Keep these monsters in mind.  However, one of the deadliest attacks is Stoning.  Every time a monster with this ability hits you, thereís a chance you will be turned to stone.  If this happens, you will die, and 1 point of constitution will always be removed when you are raised.  Itís usually best to either run away or blast them with a spell before they can get to you.  Also try to recognize the most powerful monsters in a party of monsters.  Take them out first then move on to the easier ones. 

Running Away 
When you first start out, youíll probably end up doing more running than fighting.  Since you start with only 15 hit points, a pair of Kobolds can finish you off in two rounds.  So, if you ever get hit, remember that they can hit you for the same amount or harder in the next round, or even as you try to leave the room.  Itís best to fight, run away to town, heal, then go back down and get revenge.  Remember - he who flees and runs away lives to fight another day! 

When your character isnít busy fighting or running, talking is another good option.  Keep in mind that many of the creatures that you will run into know about the depths and what is in them much better than you do!  Hit Shift-Ďtí during a peaced encounter to converse with a creature.  Some creatures will treat you differently depending on your race, sex, current guild, and other attributes.  Some will completely loathe you or be very friendly based on these variables.  And some creatures just wonít care.  Be warned, however, that some monsters donít like being... talked to... 

In the beginning, the amounts of gold a character deals with may seem inconsistent.  When you first start out, youíll have 125 gold to use as you see fit.  Thatís enough to buy the starter items that you will need.  However, what happens when you find your first tome that costs over 200 to identify?  The best way to build up your gold base is to sell the first items you find (that are worth anything) instead of waiting to find enough gold to identify them.  Once you get the base started, your character shouldnít have any major problems that canít be solved by finding a few other expensive items to sell. 

Isnít much fun.  Donít let this get you down - your character can always be picked up by another and resurrected...after which you may be able to go back and get even with the same buggers that killed you.  Revenge can be sweet! 
Magic is one of the most powerful things in the game.  It can be used to heal and destroy.  Everybody should consider becoming a member of at least one Magic User guild.  Keep in mind that beginning Magic Users arenít too powerful and have trouble their first few levels casting spells successfully on monsters.  However, after a few levels are made, the power begins to build.  It is also very important to build up the guildís spell abilities.  As you venture further and further into the dungeon, you will find items that are capable of teaching guilds new spells, thus giving the new spells not only to you, but to all of the other guild members as well! 

Treasure and Chests 
After killing a group of monsters, youíll hopefully find some type of container to poke around in.  Chests are the best because they usually hold more powerful items and more gold, while boxes arenít much better than just gold.  Beware of the traps that can be triggered when opening a chest.  As you go deeper, Teleporters and Slime traps become more common, making things more interesting.  Itís usually a good idea to have a Thief around when you feel like gathering loot. 

Other Characters 
It is recommended that a player keep multiple characters (in Single-player mode).  What happens if your Thief dies on level 4 and you donít have anybody to get them?  Thatís what another character is for.  Starting out, I would recommend creating a Giant with maximum Strength and Dexterity to go and pick up dead characters on levels 1 & 2.  Equip them with a Battle Axe, and voila!  Youíll be surprised at how well it works.  However, if all else fails and you have the money, thereís always the option of hiring ďRescuersĒ in the Morgue to bring back those characters that you canít get to. 

As mentioned above, itís a good idea to keep multiple characters.  Not only for rescuing other characters, but to join up together and run around with each other.  Remember that parties are optional, but if you do decide to run around with other characters, remember that itís very nice to have a balanced party of a Fighter, Magic User and Thief (but remember that one character alone who is a member of multiple guilds can achieve the same balance).  Also, a group of characters are much safer together than by themselves and can generally run deeper (which allows them to find stranger monsters and neater items).  Keep in mind that while a party can be advantageous in the sense of survival, there is also an experience penalty.  The more characters that are in a party, the less experience a party member will earn when they kill a monster, etc.  Solo characters will gain the most experience the quickest while a party of four will be much safer, but will require much more time to get experience!  Also, as mentioned above in the companions section, be sure not to have too many companions if you have a party of 3 or more characters since companions can mistake other party members for the target! 

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