Creating a Character

When you select Character Manager from the Main Menu, you will have the following options: 
  • Select Character 
  • Create Character 
  • Delete Character 
  • Character List 
  • Hall Of Records 
  • Main Menu 

Create Character Window
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Click on Create Character, and the window above will appear.  It is fairly self-explanatory.  Once you have selected a Character Name, you choose the Race that you want the character to be. See the Race Statistics for more information. 

The next step is to choose the Sex of your new character. Umm, only male or female allowed at this time (but it might change in the future). 

Then on to choosing your Alignment. Good, Neutral and/or Evil are available depending upon your race. 

Next is a section that shows you what Guilds the character is currently capable of joining (with the selected Race and Alignment).  Yellow represent guilds your character can join given the selected race and alignment. Once you’ve made a choice (and returned to this section), the selected Guild will be shown in bold (and not slanted).  Guilds that are in Grey represent those guilds that your selected race or alignment are not allowed to join. See the Guild Statistics for more information. 

With some guilds, a starting character just doesn’t have enough stat points to join (the requirements for stats are too high; you’ll be informed of this when you try to select the guild) - the way to join these guilds is to create the character and run around as an Artisan (or another guild) until you find enough items to raise your stats to the minimum requirements of the guild.  When you select a guild, the guild will automatically adjust your stats to the minimum required to enter and take you to the stats section.

The next step is your character’s statistics.  You can modify these by using the left (for remove) and right (for add) arrows on either side of the specific stat.  The amount of extra ‘points’ you have to assign to your character’s stats are shown to the right of the stats. 

The last step is to choose your character picture and click on Finish. 

You will then be taken back to the Main Menu where you can click Play Game and off you go.

Character Importer

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When you install the game and select Create Character from the main menu, there will be a button marked "Import Character" ~ it will allow you no more than 12 'imports' or character moves.  On the upper left you will see buttons describing earlier versions of  Demise, namely the 'demo' and 'Gold Release' from IPC Software or Artifact Entertainment and the 'download only' version from Pharaoh Productions.  If they are present and verifiable, the Importer will display the Single Player (SP) and Multi-Player (MP) characters.   If you double-click on the character name, the stats and info panels on the right will show all the information and items associated with that character.

Bear in mind that the Importer will bring either SP or MP characters into the game play currently selected.  So - if you want to bring a character into MP, make sure that you have previously selected MP and logged on to a server BEFORE going into the 'Create Character' screen and running the importer. 

When you are absolutely sure that you have selected the correct character ( check the items ), then the 'Import' button will do the job.

There are some caveats, this is a complex process!   Stats for a character that has closed the portal in Demise will be modified the same way they are modified in Ascension!   Your alignment ( though it may now be 'abnormal' for Ascension ) will NOT be changed and as there have been Guild and Race changes in Ascension, some species ( especially Humans and Dwarves ) may suffer some excessive penalties until they level in Ascension.

Be also warned that if you have any illegal mods, apart from the dark-winged demons of the night that will torment you from this point on, the best that can happen is that your character won't import - the worst is that your character and game might just be screwed up!

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