Ascension Bug History

For Release Demise: Ascension 1.06b, System Version 1.38

Known Bug List
  • MP - "fight status" icon does not clear after combat for "defending" character (Bug ID #19)
  • MP - Players guild and alignment sometimes displayed incorrectly in player list (#28)
  • 3-group spells only hit 2 monster groups in certain rare cases (#44)
  • No chest sounds when opening chests from slave groups (#45)
  • Selecting "Backup" when in full screen mode changes to windowed mode and "backup complete" popup barely visible (#49)
  • Message "a found item has attached itself to you" occurs even when item cannot attach (#73)
  • Some anti-magic rooms still missing appealing swirling lights, though most have been fixed (#92)
  • Monsters from level above showing through near ceiling of level below (#95)
  • Resurrect spell doesn't raise dead characters to full health, as advertised (#107)
  • Springing 'Guardian" chest doesn't remove "closed chest" graphic (#112)
  • Some minor "News" item text issues (#114)
  • Occasionally get flickering images of bridge ropes and swamp areas (#324)
  • F10 "hotkey" doesn't work (#525)
  • MP - Can't delete some messages which you posted on the Billboard
Potential Bugs (may have been fixed in current release)
  • Annotated squares changing to "anti magic" on automap (Bug ID #371)
  • Dungeon squares with item pops changing to "anti magic" on automap with item still visible on floor
  • Out-of-memory errors when playing a VERY long time
  • "Error getting monster placement" errors now very rare (since monster generation code was rewritten)
  • Server wait errors in Single Player
  • MP lock-up after a certain number of hours of game play (under some conditions)
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Reporting Bugs

If you find a bug, please report it by EMail to Be sure to include the proper system information and steps to reproduce the bug so that it may be tracked down and fixed.  Please include the following information in your email:  
  • Name
  • Email address
  • Type and Version of Windows
  • CPU/Platform, including OS Versiona and Service Pack level
  • Version of Ascension
  • RAM memory
  • Hard Disk Size and Free Space
  • Video Board - make and model
  • Screen Resolution
  • Sound Card
  • A detailed description of the problem and what preceded the problem. Does the problem occur every time? Single Player or Multi Player (or both)?  

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