System Requirements

Demise: Ascension is a 'legacy' game based on Demise: Rise of the Ku'Tan which was originally written to be run on Windows 95/98 or Windows 2000 requiring at a minimum a Pentium 166MHz bus; 32 MB RAM; 300 MB free HD; 800x600 screen resolution and 16-bit color mode. 
The current version of the game was developed on a machine with a Windows XP sp3 Operating System and it has been run and tested on:

Win2K, Win2003, Vista 32bit / 64 bit and Win7 32bit / 64 bit.   There has been no testing on Win95/98 or Win Me !!!

On the newer OS's, the properties of the exe files MUST be set to 'Run as Administrator' and the compatibility mode set to WinXP sp2 or WinXP sp3 

NOTE: Ascension does NOT support 640x480 resolution or 256 colors. You must run 800x600x16 bit colors minimum! 

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