ďA true game brings people together from around the globe and allows gameplay without the rules of real life.Ē
 - "Richard Whitwell", Creator of Ascension
Ascension Internet Server

Server Information 

Active Features 
  • Support of up to 16 players
  • General Messaging
  • Disconnection & Banning abilities
  • Basic server configuration options
  • Master Server Communication
  • Recent User list for Banning
  • Ability to monitor transactions and messages
  • Client/Cheat Character Checking (ability to look at all playersí characters, but not modify the data)
  • Password protection for server privacy
  • Server and party broadcast messages
Potential Future Features 
  • Server data manipulation
  • Scripting

Server Overview 
Ascension comes with a separate Server application that allows a player with an internet connection to host a server where multiple players can connect and play together. 

The Master Server 
Every Ascension server has the choice of hooking into a Ďmaster serverí.  This is a primary server that keeps track of active Ascension servers on the internet.  If you want your server to be available to the public, set yourself up to hook into the master server.  If not, then leave the master server address blank. 

You can find the Master Server address on the main Ascension web site.  Default master server address is dms.decklinsdemise.com.

Itís not just an adventure!  Itís a responsibility!  
Hosting a public Ascension server isnít just fun, itís also a responsibility.  As a server host (or owner), itís your job to ensure that the players are happy, and that the proper Ďtrouble makersí (if any) are banned from the server.  Itís also fun to communicate with the players on your server – to let them know that you are there.  If you choose to run a Public server, itís a good idea to check new players for cheats (by viewing their characters), and keep track of how the game is going.  If you are running a private server (or a server that requires a password), you will have less responsibility since you will more than likely know everybody who logs in and plays. 

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The Server Configuration Screen
The Main Screen 
When you start the server, you will see the Main Ascension Server screen, which contains a toolbar (giving you access to other Server views and interfaces) as well as the bound port and active status.  At the bottom of the window is a listbox that allows you to see all of the messages that the players send. 

The Server Screen 
The server screen is where you will control most aspects of the server from.  It will allow activation and deactivation of the server, as well as provide a list of the connected players and let you examine their characters.  You will also have the ability to disconnect players from this screen and send messages to the players on the server.  Closing this screen does not deactivate the server. 

When you run your server for the first time, you will need to configure it.  You must select which IP address to bind (some systems may have multiple addresses depending on what type of network they are on), and which port to bind as well.  You can also set the maximum number of players from this location.  If you changed the bound address while the server is running, you will need to deactivate and reactivate the server for the new address to take effect. 

You can also set a Welcome message that is displayed to a player when they connect.  And if you wish to have your server available to the public, you can specify a master server address.  If you want privacy, you can specify a password that people will need to connect. 

The Management window is where you can regulate the players on the server in a more advanced format.  This includes monitoring transactions, messages, users, and banning players from the server.  Once theyíre banned, they only way they can get back in is if they use another machine or reinstall their operating system.  From this location you can also send private messages to players and backup/restore server data. 

A Final word...  
Many people are going to be excited about running their own server.  If you decide to set up a server for the public (or even private friends), be careful when considering how many people you can support with a given bandwidth, processor, and system memory. You need the server response to be reasonably quick or players likely will avoid your server. 

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