In an effort to control oneís surroundings, the Warlock's guild focused their study towards the ability of traveling and moving by the use of magic. Ranging from the ability to walk through walls to teleporting a long distance away, these spells are very handy in moving around in the dungeon. 

Detect Rock 
Effect: Will Detect Rock. 
Type: Non-Combat 
Base Level:Explorer (1), Mage (1), Warlock (1) 
Required Stats: 12 Int, 12 Wis, 12 Con 
This spell allows the caster to detect whether rock exists behind the wall in front of them or not. Very useful for mapping and finding secret rooms. 

Effect: Will Levitate a Character. 
Type: Non-Combat 
Base Level: Explorer (3), Mage (3), Warlock (3) 
Required Stats: 14 Int, 14 Wis, 10 Con, 10 Dex 
This will cause its recipient to hover in the air, avoiding pits and other dangerous areas. However, this magic only works when there is stable floor under the person, since the magic is based on the distance from them to the floor. While Levitation will protect the beneficiary from taking damage while falling down a chute or off a ledge, they will still fall. There is always the slight chance that Levitation will fail. 

Ethereal Portal 
Effect: Will Portal through a wall. 
Type: Non-Combat 
Base Level: Explorer (5), Mage (5), Warlock (5) 
Required Stats: 12 Str, 18 Int, 16 Wis, 10 Con, 16 Dex 
When cast, the character, and all members of their party, will move through the solid wall in front of the caster and appear on the other side. If the square behind the wall is rock, all members of the party will die. 

Effect: Will Displace the party. 
Type: Non-Combat 
Base Level: Explorer (8), Warlock (8) 
Required Stats: 12 Str, 15 Int, 14 Wis, 14 Dex 
A useful spell for Teleporting around in the dungeon on the current level. Be warned that if the caster displaces themselves outside the bounds of the dungeon or into rock, the caster (and entire party) will die. 

Magical Flight 
Effect: Will enable a Character to Fly. 
Type: Non-Combat 
Base Level: Explorer (9), Mage (10), Warlock (12) 
Required Stats: 13 Str, 17 Int, 16 Wis, 12 Con, 15 Dex 
Unlike the Levitate spell, the magic from this conjuration actually allows the target to fly into the air up to a specific height based on the spellís power. It will allow the caster to not only levitate above the floor and hover over water, but fly up and down (thus allowing the caster to avoid dangerous ledges and chutes). However, there is still a chance of failure when hovering over pits.

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