Rumor has it that the dungeon is deep – just how deep is unknown – and contains hundreds of different types of inhabitants.  Since few have ventured beyond the first few levels, little is known about the creatures that lurk below.  Some are Humanoid and Good in nature, others are more Animal and Neutral in nature.  However, some are Demons, foul and Evil.  Basically, if one can imagine it, one can probably find it somewhere in the dungeon. 

Some monsters tend to stay in the same place all the time – these locations are known as ‘Lairs’.  If you encounter a monster in its lair, you will usually find more goodies as well.  Beware that many monsters that are found only in lairs can be more dangerous than the ones who wander around.  There are also some creatures that will only be found in their lair and nowhere else in the dungeon, and some of these monsters tend to carry unique items. 

Some creatures are rumored to have natural resistances to certain elements and magics while others are said to require the use of powerful and sometimes magical items to defeat them.  Unfortunately, the best way to find this out is usually by trial and error. 

Below is a collection of known facts about some of the creatures that roam the upper levels. 

Skurgs and Goblies 
Almost harmless individually, even a group of these little creatures will be hard pressed to take down a beginning adventurer.  Unfortunately, they don’t carry much treasure. 

These little guys are everywhere on the second level.  Small and quick, they’re excellent for target practice and make good snacks for giants.  They’re not very dangerous except to inexperienced characters.  They quite often give useful Potions and Tomes as well. 

Floor Slimes 
The acidic nature of these little creatures keep the dungeon floor nice and shiny.  While Floor Slimes are usually docile, they have a habit of attacking anybody or anything that comes around.  These creatures aren’t hard to kill, but they can spit acid, which makes them dangerous. 

Rock Snakes & Slitherlings 
Although not poisonous, these small snakes can absorb quite a bit of damage, and a group of them can often survive long enough to overcome a beginning character. 

Tykes, Dungeon Bears & Giant Owls 
These creatures are the most common Animals on the upper levels.  To a beginning character, even a pair of Tykes can be deadly, but to an experienced character, all of these creatures are good for gaining experience.  Also, if you need new boots, these are the creatures to look for! 

Giant Spiders & Giant Centipedes 
These insects of the upper levels aren’t too dangerous, but can poison a character if they are able to hit them. 

Zombies & Hiksae 
These undead creatures are mean and hard to kill, since they don’t really care about much.  Known for giving items that raise stats, these creatures are also good for gaining experience. 

Scavies & Footpads 
The thieves of the upper levels, these humanoids are very good at stealing gold and items from a character, which also means they quite often have stores of treasure and items. 

The above information should give a starting player enough knowledge to know what to run away from and what to stay and fight. 

As a player becomes more experienced, running into new monsters isn’t as threatening since the player may be able to relate the name of the monster in some fashion to previously encountered monsters.  However, a new monster that has a name like no other is completely unknown, and caution should probably be used when fighting such a creature. 

Also, it’s good for a player to keep track of what type (e.g. humanoid, undead, demon) a monster is (which can generally be guessed by the monster’s appearance).  The reason for this is so a player knows which “charm” spell (e.g. ‘Control Humanoid’) may work on a monster.  Also keep in mind that monsters of like types generally share the same abilities (e.g. insects poison, slimes spit acid, etc.). 

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