“Our world was a special world – rich, green, and full of life.  Now, there is nothing but fear and death all around this place, so much that even the plants refuse to grow!” - “Tulnan”, Local Farmer
Game Overview

     Ascension was built to be as realistic as possible.  With this in mind, characters can interact with other characters, pick up and resurrect dead characters, cast spells and exchange items, and wander around the dungeon with each other.  This is what makes the game really enjoyable.  In order to interact with another character, they must be in the same party, in the same room (or in the city) and/or on the exact same square, depending on the type of interaction.  Wherever a character was when you left them or exited the game, is the place they will stay until run again. 

     In Multiplayer mode, you can only interact with other players’ characters; you will never see any other character you may have yourself. 

     Another feature that separates Ascension from most CRPG (Computer Role-Playing Games), is that a player need not ‘save’ the game or character since it operates in real-time and the ‘saving’ is all done automatically without the player even realizing it.  If your character dies, there is no way to go back and ‘load’ the character before they died.  The game just doesn’t work that way.  So, when an event happens, it’s permanent.  This definitely makes the game more challenging.  It’s also nice when a player’s machine accidentally ‘shuts down’ - to load the game back up and find your character(s) the way they were before the accidental shutdown (or almost where they were). 

     Ascension also features Encrypted data files.  This is to prevent hacking, and tampering with files.  The reason for this is so players in Multiplayer mode cannot cheat and affect the play of other people.  Of course there is no real way to prevent hacking, but we hope we’ve taken a step that’s good enough to get rid of 98% of the would-be hackers.  For those of you who have problems with hackers, we have two extra features that are available on the server side.  You can ban players, and define a password for your server.

Pausing the Game 
     In Single Player mode, anytime the Main Ascension Window is minimized, the game will be paused.  It does not matter if one is in combat or lying poisoned in the dungeon.  Absolutely no game events will take place during the time that the window is minimized.

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