Fire was the first of the elements sought to be controlled by the Sorcerers’ guild. Spells of this class inflict damage with heat, which can range from a burning candle to a fiery inferno. The effectiveness of these spells depends on the experience of the caster and the Fire Resistance of the victim. 

Effect: Will Fry up to 4 Monsters in 2 Groups. 
Type: Combat   Power: 10/2   Range:
Base Level: Sorcerer (1) 
Required Stats: 12 Int, 10 Wis 
This simplest of Fire Spells creates a small fireball and hurls it into a group of monsters, burning anything that gets in its way. 

Blue Flame 
Effect: Will Immolate up to 2 Monsters in 1 Group. 
Type: Combat   Power: 15/11   Range:
Base Level: Sorcerer (3) 
Required Stats: 14 Int, 10 Wis, 10 Dex 
A more advanced spell of Fire, when invoked, the caster is able to hurl a blue colored magical flame at a group of monsters, inflicting extensive damage. 

Effect: Will Fry up to 6 Monsters in 3 Groups. 
Type: Combat   Power: 15/9   Range:
Base Level: Sorcerer (5) 
Required Stats: 15 Int, 13 Wis, 12 Dex 
Derived from the Firebolt spell, this spell will summon a wall of fire and hurl it towards one’s opponents, usually causing the targets to be burnt to cinders.

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