After mastering Fire, the Sorcerersí guild sought to prevent rivals from having an equaling force and quickly moved to master the element of coldness so that both Fire and Cold were controlled by one group. The effectiveness of these spells depends on the experience of the caster and the Cold Resistance of the target. 

Cold Blast 
Effect: Will Freeze up to 5 Monsters in 2 Groups. 
Type: Combat   Power: 15/3   Range:
Base Level: Sorcerer (2) 
Required Stats: 12 Int, 10 Wis, 9 Dex 
This simple spell creates a blast of air that is cold enough to kill most small creatures. 

Ice Spray 
Effect: Will Freeze up to 6 Monsters in 3 Groups. 
Type: Combat   Power: 15/6   Range:
Base Level: Sorcerer (4) 
Required Stats: 14 Int, 11 Wis, 11 Dex 
This spell creates a wall of ice and blasts it towards the opponents. The wave of liquid ice will almost certainly freeze the victim instantly. 

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