The Automap

This neat feature keeps track of where your character(s) have been and gives a player access to a graphical map of exactly where they are (if the character isnít lost), what direction theyíre facing and what level they are on.  The nice thing is that itís shared.  If one character goes down and completely maps level 1, then all of the other characters in the game have access to the same map.  The map is also shared between single-player and Multiplayer mode (itís the only thing thatís shared), but you cannot share your map with another playerís map in MP mode. 

Mapping ability is based on a characterís Perception ability (See Guild Statistics).  As a character becomes more powerful, they will be able to map more completely, not missing little things.  Once a square is properly mapped, it will not be ďerasedĒ by another character with a lower perception ability. 

The map for a level is automatically updated as a character walks into unmapped areas. 

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The Automap

Getting Lost 
If your character manages to get lost (by hitting a Teleporter, or something), the Automap will no longer reflect where you are.  A lost character can find themselves by either stepping back into explored territory or figuring out where they are (by using their perception ability). 

You have the ability of leaving annotations on the Automap, which can be read and referenced later.  To do this, right-click on the square (it must be explored) to bring up the Annotation menu.  Select Annotate Square to add an annotation to the square.  You can Edit and Delete existing annotations to change and remove them. 

Changing to Full Screen Mode 
You can switch between windowed (default) and full-screen mode by double-clicking on the Automap.  Note that the purpose of the full-screen mode is to be able to plan your path through the dungeon, or check what areas you have yet to map, not to play in:  If you walk through the dungeon with your attention only on the map, donít be surprised when a monster hits you in back of your head! 

Changing Levels 
You can use the scroll bar located in the Automap window to page through the levels.  The Automap will only allow levels that have been Ďexploredí to be accessible (e.g. if the deepest you have been is level 6, the Automap will not allow you to look at any levels deeper than 6 until somebody ventures down there!). 

Getting the Coordinates of a Specific Square 
You can hold the mouse over any portion of the Automap and move the mouse around to find out the exact coordinates of the selected square. 

Moving the Automap Around 
You can move the Automap around by left-clicking anywhere on the Automap and dragging it around.  Useful for looking around on a level, or locating that important teleporter or set of stairs!

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